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About Me

Hello and Welcome to my site.

I am Shoma, an artist by profession with Degree in Commercial Arts, Interion Design and Graphic Design. My  background made it easy for me to start my work. I love to learn and explore new Art forms, a self-taught artist will be the right term. I have been working as an artist from past 25 years, got into blogging in 2009. From full time Artist to a stay at home mother of 3 lovely girls. I continued my passion and venture as an artist. All thanks to your love and support, What started as a home venture “Artbugindia” soon gain popularity, finally I made this Online Store . 

My passion covers Paper Quilling, Album Making, Watercolor paintings, Art Journals, Quilting, Free Motion drawings on fabric just to name a few.

Gifting Handmade is so special.

My site is a collection of all my hard work and love. Hope you like it ..

I love to get in touch with like minded people..

Do visit my Blog  to see my work.


A Proud Moment when my work was appreciated in Parsi Times News Paper


Meraki is a Greek word which means "to put ones soul in ones work'' which is precisely what we aim to do, we create each product with a lot of care and love.
Meraki is a little business which is run by me and my family.

Our  Value:

We try and provide you with best handmade experience. We believe in providing you the prettiest scrunchies which we make with utmost care and attention to the quality to give your hair a little more flare. Apart from scrunchies we also make tote bags& pouches as they are the need of the hour and our way of contributing to the nature.

Our handmade jewellery collection is unique and durable in longer run made out of the best available material. The simplicity of the jewellery will add to your beauty.

Our  Quality:

As all are products are handmade we pay close attention their making and sewing.
We search and get exclusive fabrics that would make the ultimate product to match your beauty and needs.
We buy limited fabrics to provide you with the latest exclusive patterns and colors to keep your product collection the most unique, since we believe in quality over quantity.

Our Raw Materials and Packaging:

We source all our raw materials from local venders and small businesses because we believe in encouraging smaller businesses.
By buying our products you are in return helping many other small businesses
We keep most of our packaging non-plastic and eco friendly to reduce non-biodegradable wastes.

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